look at me,
open me,
discover what I am hiding
I guard a true jewel of gastronomy

Isn't this the first message we all would love to convey at the beginning of a trusting relationship between producer and customer?
If so, we welcome you to the packaging world of CARTOTRENTINA

We are a family-run printing and high-quality packaging company, characterized by firm values as loyalty and consistency.

Thanks to our permanent strive for improvement we have been able to ensure the confidence of many major Italian and European companies never losing sight of our main goals:

a close relationship with our clients and an excellent collaboration in order to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

This is who we are!

We are Family

We are Family

And like a real family we laugh and we fight but most importantly we grow together and in the end we always support each other to create the best product for you.

We know what it means to hold your own product in your hands after much effort and that is why we care so much about following everyone of you on a personal basis – being proud together is even more fulfilling!

Where we get our strength from?

From what moves us!

towards new challenges

to create them on the highest level

to your special needs and requests

These are our keywords!

Anyhow a special focus goes to:


Respect for who makes it possible in first place to create our products – mother nature.

As Sustainability is more than a word to us, we are convinced that our contribution is necessary.


We guarantee separate waste collection, packaging waste recycling and full recyclability of the material used to produce our packaging.

Cartotrentina is FSC® certified. FSC® certified products are available on request.

Wondering why we are so enthusiastic about a “simple box”?

No, we are not some kind of “packaging nerds”, you simply did not have a look at our products yet!

OUR PRODUCTSRemember the times when packaging did not matter?


We all know how first impressions have an impact on sales: this is why packaging acts as flagship for your business.

We are here to give you a business card customers will not forget.


To us our creations are more than simple boxes, they are unique pieces made by us, craftspeople, unique as your style.


Colorful, bright, dark, classic, elegant, rebellious, unconventional, mild, strong.
Your lifestyle reflected in your box.

We believe in cooperation with our customers: let’ s talk about your wishes and make them real together.

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Details create the big picture

Your imagination knows no bounds? We love that!

  • flexo printing
  • offset printing
  • opaque/glossy/soft touch plasticization
  • hot stamping
  • low/high relief
  • glossy/opaque UV screen printing vanish
  • thick film thermo-foaming
  • UV varnish

And let’s not even start talking about the countless kinds of paper you can choose from...

All of that sounds like a foreign language?

That’s normal but we are here to give you our best advice - we will not leave you alone in the jungle of the 1000 choices!

We think outside the box, literally!

This is how we created our exclusive patent for Italy and Europe:


UNICOBOX: the perfect blend of elegance and functionality since 2011.

It is going to make your life so much easier.

Our UNICOBOX is a unique solution for 2, 3 or 6 bottles: the box and the internal partitions are now one and the same piece of cardboard. In just a few simple steps, the flat box becomes the ready-to-use UNICOBOX.

No need for glue or tape, take a look at it!

Time saved on packaging is more time for your wine!

So, well, we love technology helping us in everyday life but, hang on, what can we, people walking around in this company, offer you?

We offer you our small but highly efficient
“Poem of our Services”

A sales office to elaborate the best offer

A technical department to find the perfect fit

An in-house graphic team to take care of your design

A team of skilled workers to help shape our plans

Yet, no excellent job can be done without an excellent equipment.

We invested in reliable and innovative systems in terms of printer, flat bed die-cutter and folder-gluer, placing our trust in some of the world’s leading suppliers as Bobst to guarantee premium quality and meet the highest standards.

No extraordinary goals were ever achieved by simply holding still:

Our investment is our movement

These investments have made it possible to optimize our production and guarantee a quick and well-organized delivery.

Curious about seeing your bottle optimized by a packaging up to it?

We are more than happy to get to know you and your company – simply contact us!

For phone lovers: +39 0461 605600


(“preventivi” is simply a nice, complicated Italian word for “quotation”)

Want to see more faces? Peek behind the scenes?

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